I keep things simple around here and the same applies to my childcare rates and services. I have no hidden fees or penalties for morning or late night requests. I do not charge a last minute booking or even a travel fee. My rates are guaranteed across Intown Atlanta for two, three and four hour sessions.


what is this?

Creative Childcare is a different way to find your family rhythm and learn from everyday moments.

Every child has natural interests and skills; what needs to happen to discover and nurture those talents? I can help you uncover those answers by connecting with your child during some of life’s everyday moments and work together to recognize the value in their abilities and put them to good use.

what you get:

  • Easy + Convenient online booking

  • Personalized craft, design and self-care activities

  • Follow-up email after every session

  • On-going family support

  • Hands-on and engaging life skills exercises

book now.

$20 nonrefundable booking fee | $20 per hour for one child | $2.50 more for each additional child


life skills

Life skills are all those necessary abilities not usually taught through books or a traditional curriculum but are vital support when tackling real life. I know you do your best to instill everyday lessons during natural life experiences. Yet with everything to have to do, remember and tackle being present in those moments can become easier said than done.


I bring fun and inspiration in my “Everyday Bag” with age-appropriate indoor and outdoor activities including art, crafts, sensory projects, and learning materials, often with a simple living and DIY self-care theme. 

These creative tools help create a space for kids to develop confidence, life skills, empowering ideas and learn the value in their ability and willingness to learn through a series of meaningful lessons. Every pursuit is designed through thoughtful observation of learning habits to ensure that we make the creative process fun while delivering key learning objectives and teaching them the skills they need to make the most out of their lives.


service options for modern families:


Phone, FaceTime or Zoom Consult (No Charge)

Meet and Greet

$20 One hour meet and greet with me and child prior to first service date

Everyday Routines

Morning, bedtime and mealtime prep and planning made kid-friendly and simple

Wellness Check-Ins

Real-time and motivational assistance to implement self-care and coping strategies

specialty sessions


Everyday Closet

Having an organized closet can be a challenge for everyone (especially kids) because they require daily maintenance. The Everyday Closet experience focuses on helping children infuse joy and value in organizing personal items. Throughout the sessions we will declutter, find a space for everything and create a closet system ideal for everyday living.

  • Learn the fundamentals of the life-changing KonMari tidying method

  • Custom storage design and DIY creation

  • Personalized plan to keep closet organized and easy to use in everyday life

Simple Skin Care

It’s never too early to teach children about healthy skin. The Simple Skin Care series helps your child create habits based on their natural rhythm and specific self-care tendencies. Together we will uncover the importance of skincare, identify essential products + tools, and design daily self-care routines.

  • Customized checklists, guides, and visuals to help develop everyday rituals

  • Make their own natural skin and body care masks, oils, and mists

  • Practical ways to manage skincare routine at a sleepover or on the road


Speciality services listed above have a 2 hour minimum and the rate for one child is $40 per hour. Please review our Cancellation Policy.