It’s about time we clear up the clutter.

If you are like me tackling any project is easier with friends, right? That is precisely why I offer organizing parties! It’s the easiest and most convenient way to get together with your friends that leaves you feeling confident, motivated and ready to use what you learn in practice, every day.


Host a Sip-of-Sense Party

Each party is a thought-provoking experience, ranging from $25-50 a person, and takes place in your home (Greater Atlanta, Georgia area only). As the host, you can pay for the party or ask your friends to chip in, it is entirely up to you. No matter what, I guarantee that everyone in attendance will leave with a new perspective on organizing, creative ways to a personalize any space, and make sense of your everyday habits.





Have you heard about Marie Kondo? Watched her popular Netflix series 'Tidying Up' ? Do you want to learn how to spark a little joy in your home? This is the perfect party for you! You and your guests will learn about the organizing technique with a hands-on guided experience across all KonMari categories. We'll identify your ideal lifestyle and living environment with vision mapping exercise, provide practical storage solutions and learn how to personalize your space with easy DIY projects. Throughout the tidying party guests can expect: 

  • Helpful Handouts

    (walk away with a clear vision and steps to take to create a space that sparks joy everyday)

  • Strategies to successfully complete decluttering process and real time expectations. 

  • An opportunity to ask me any organizing or environmental design questions you have! 



There is more than one way to live a green + sustainable life nowadays. This party will show you how to integrate — reduce, reuse and recycle in your home and daily life. Starting with shopping habits, then learning how to care for your everyday tools the natural way, you’ll learn practical, real-life tips you can start using immediately!



Learning never stops, even when kids are just playing in their room. Designing a space which supports and nurture children’s curiosities can develop independence and self-esteem. Partygoers will learn the principles of creating a Montessori inspired room — how to choose a floor bed, tips to make space accessible for learning, and decor recommendations that encourage free play.



Disorganization costs you time everyday imagine how great you would feel if you started to regain your time by organizing your purse! Let’s get together and learn all the basics of organizing — how to sort, purge, assign a place, containerize and sustain. Not only will you leave with an organized purse and how to keep it tidy, but you’ll also create your our purse station to ensure you always have everything you need, in the right purse.




Have you ever admired those perfectly designed pantries you see on cooking shows or Pinterest? Organizing your kitchen can not only make your space pretty but practical for your daily needs. This party will teach you how to maximize what you’ve got, reduce spoilage and duplication, and free up kitchen space (extra helpful if you have limited cabinet space).




(Additional $25 per person after 8 guests)

  • Guests receive a 10% discount off all Studio services 

  • Helpful hosting handouts

  • Work with Creative Living expert in small group environment for personalized recommendations

A Two Hour Experience



(Additional $40 per person after 10 guests)

  • Guests receive a 10% discount off all Studio services

  • Helpful hosting handouts

  • Work with Creative Living expert in small group environment for personalized recommendations

  • The Everyday Creative Starter Kit

  • Receive 10% discount off Essential Shop items 

    A Three Hour Experience